Kitty v2.0

Sadly we lost our family kitty of six years “Brain” to FLUTD. The disease had progressed too far, and last Thursday he had to be put down. 😥

He was epileptic, allergic to cooked meats, disliked the taste of raw meats and was named after a mouse. As several people have been “kind” enough to mention, he would not have lasted long in the wild… I’m sure his pure-biscuit diet contributed to his FLUTD, but we had little choice and did our best to provide the best foods we could. It was not good enough unfortunately.

After a week in mourning, today we ventured out in search of a new family friend – and found one at the Cat Protection Society of Victoria. For just $55, we got a 2+ year old (estimated) desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed, washed, male tabby cat. He is extremely friendly and sociable, tolerant of rogue 4-year old boys, apathetic to our dog and eats normal cat food.

We have another desexed male cat and so are susceptible to FLUTD again; however “Cardamon” will not be livving on a purely bikky and water diet, so this is less likely to be a problem.

We were not sure whether to get a new cat, but after reading the reviews, we couldn’t pass it up! 😀

+Update+: Will, we understand, and will send Sketch all the mojo we can spare.