Lukewarm, straight from the kettle

We have two ways of getting hot water in the office: A kettle (Russell Hobs), or the In-Sink-Erator 190? Hot Water tap.

The hot tap claims to be 190?F or roughly 88?C – plenty hot enough to scald, make tea/coffee, etc – I think so anyway.

Many others in the office use the kettle. They fill the kettle from the cold tap, stand around for ages waiting for it to boil, get bored/frustrated, look at the steam coming from the spout and proclaim, “Ahh, it’s hot enough, it’ll do.” I’m betting the kettle doesn’t even get to 88?C before they give up. Why then to they protest that the Hot Water tap is not hot enough?

I just don’t get it…

(Note: I have not even factored in the inherent cooling that results from placing hot water into a cold pottery cup, cooling as a result of adding milk and sugar, or the increased cooling rate as a result of the greater differential temperature. All of which mean the tea/coffee ends up the same temperature as mine within a very short time…)