In Soviet Russia …

… your blog owns you! :mrgreen:

Discussions with various other bloggers has revealed a common theme – when we have not blogged for a while, we feel guilt, a pressure to blog – about anything at all if necessary. I’ve certainly done it before. We are letting our blogs own us, control us. It’s time to take back the blogs! 😀

I find that many people seem to end up as “Blog Lemmings” (as opposed to Bog Lemmings [2] [3] [4]) – that is, they blog about the same topics, link to the same sources, and generally have the same paraphrased content that all the other lemmings do. (Yes, I’m also guilty of this. :eek:)

And like the mythological cliff-diving lemmings it’s blog-suicide for many, but a rare few may make it across the ocean and into new lands. I hope I may be one of the lucky few one day.

Ok, so maybe I’ve stretched this too far … at least I don’t feel guilty about not making a recent blog entry! 😉