New Microsoft article about Linux – done the right way

It’s actually a support article: The system time runs too fast on a Linux-based virtual machine that is hosted in Virtual Server 2005 R2

I’ve always* used both Windows and Linux in my personal and professional lives, so have basically ignored most of the Microsoft vs. Linux (and GNU/OSS/etc) rhetoric out there. Hypocritically though I was suprised by the article – it was straight-forward, accurate, and there was no taint of “it’s all the fault of the open-source-hippies”. In fact it was the opposite, with an educational piece about the nature of Linux timekeeping systems at the end. Huh. Who’da thunk it? Learning something about Linux from Microsoft.

Wow. I really am very inconsistent. I claim to ignore the religious war, but just read that comment above… May I be tortured by dumbass users for eternity!

*always since Linux became available to me in late 1992 sometime.

Update: oops, forgot the credits! Thanks to the Virtual PC Guy’s WebLog!

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