Best. Party. EVAR!

We had a 6.5 birthday party for Seb last Saturday evening, and it was without a doubt the best kids birthday party we’ve ever been to or hosted. Utterly awesome.

So whats with the 6.5 bit? Well, when Seb actually turned 6 we had just moved him between schools, it was during school holidays, and all his non-school friends were unavailable. We did have a birthday party – there was 1 other kid attending. Not exactly the most fun for Seb. Even though we try to play, it’s just not the same as playing with peers.

Seb has been enjoying rollerskating for the past few months, slowly getting better with practice and lessons. We’ve been to other birthday parties held at the skating rink and had quite a good time, but haven’t been totally happy with mixing the birthday party in with all the other general skaters in the regular public sessions. The solution: hire the whole rink for the party and invite as many of Seb’s friends as possible to get the best cost per person.

We had somewhere in the order of 50 people on the rink and another 5-10 sitting on the sides. The invitees (Seb’s complete combined 1/2 class at school plus his ballet class friends) brought along siblings, cousins, parents, etc and all were welcome to skate and enjoy. And enjoy they did! Everyone felt safe and secure knowing that their kids (one as young as 18 months) were safe on the rink and that everyone would be careful and respectful of their friends and family.

There was only one injury for the night … and he wasn’t even skating! The poor guy’s foot was run over by his wife…

We provided dinner, cake, and lollies for everyone (including rink staff) and for the first time in our party hosting history, we didn’t ourageously over-cater. Dinner was pizza provided by Margheritas Pizza in Lower Plenty – superb, tasty, and not at all greasy.

Everyone had an unbelievably good time (well, except for Richie and his foot), including those kids and adults who couldn’t skate – there was no pressure to skate, but also no judgement upon those who couldn’t. And just as well, because I don’t skate so good! 😀

Free plugs to the Roller City Eltham folks who provided top-notch service to us, and to Margheritas Pizza for some of the best pizza I’ve ever had (and believe me, I eat a lot of pizza! :mrgreen:)