Birthdays, Weekends, Work.

Oh well, I guess I can only enjoy two out of three.

I guess there’s nothing else to do except admit to being 33 years old. Last birthday was a fun one – I got to say I was 5 (2^5 = 32). This one, not so interesting. Just 33. Although, I’m thinking a 33.333* party in December could be fun.

I did enjoy the day though; work was not too busy, the extended family dinner was pleasant, and in general everyone was suitably considerate and salutary. And I got to eat too much pizza and cake. 😀

The weekend was much more interesting though: At the ripe age of 33 and 1 day, I witnessed “snow” for the first time. Now I’m using the term snow in a rather loose sense – it was old, having fallen several days before then slightly melted and re-frozen into ice by the non-wintry weather. There was none of this gently falling from the sky stuff, or soft puffy drifts of it, just slightly less dense ice. Again, it was fun though. the experience immeasurably improved by co-operation with my six year old son.

Sunday brought a 5 hour trip to the Melbourne Museum and their Bugs Alive! exhibition, again enhanced by the presence of a 6-yo. I found it fascinating how they are using technology to market the science and history contained within the Museum. Kids seem to find it much more accessible and interesting, and learn far more than they realise.

Of course, I’m back to work today. Meh.

Oh! To top the birthday off, I had my name mentioned for the first time on the Whole Lot Of Nonsense Podcast. Coincidentally, I listened to WLON show 32 and 33 on my transition from age 32 to 33! 😀

Final geek-iness: Post written and published with Windows Live Writer (beta). Not too bad, but I might as well use the web-interface to WordPress – it’s just as good.