Tweets for 2007-03-29

  • Wow. What a mad day. On my way home at least. #
  • Tasty … Bought Krispy Kreme’s as a treat for Kim. #
  • Watching Mythbusters with nearly-geeky wife #
  • @podibooks: You rock! 😛 #
  • Doh. Hate spelling mistakes. #
  • Setting up a jabber server for my domain … or at least playing around with it #
  • @evo_terra – we realise that wisdom takes time 🙂 #
  • Thats odd, I always thought we were on the top half of the world… #
  • Geography sure is hard when everyone uses the map upside down 😀 #
  • All the cool kids seem to be twittering on SL … #
  • I’d have to agree with Brad, they’re public conversation directed to a particular person #
  • Listening to Geek Acres #76 #
  • @andycaster it depends on the interface, but some of them filter out @ messages with valid usernames ( does this) #
  • So, Tweetbar doesn’t hide valid @blah messages, but the ‘official’ IM and web clients do. #
  • w00t! Running my own Jabber server for IM (and twitter) now for security 😀 #
  • Rudely awakenened by phone call from a neighbour fasely accusing us of having a rooster. Its one of the other neighbours! #
  • Come to think of it, I don’t know how they got my number. The number is not in my name, and it’s not in the book. Hmm. #
  • 1st day off work in a while. Time to sit down and really enjoy a cup of tea. #

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