Tweets for 2007-03-30

  • I’m being used as a plaything by my house-and-land package builder, and a bank. They tell me that I owe $5000 and must pay in 7 days. Crap. #
  • Oh yeah. And they still haven’t started building the house … 3 months after purchasing the land. #
  • Scrapblog looks shiny, but seems like a solution looking for a problem. #
  • @Scobleizer: Ok, I stand corrected. Video demos can make or break a product. #
  • Cool, another few minutes to chill and read some fun RSS #
  • Going mobile to enjoy the last day of school with kiddo. Apparently we are to throw raw eggs to each other. Sorry, *AT* each other – he’s 7 #
  • The egg toss winner was … The rain. #
  • At Afl AusKick with kiddo for the first time. #
  • Phew. Back home again, kiddo’s in Bed, and definitely time for a coffee. Good day off work though. #
  • Reading RSS feeds – Phil Plait, the bad astronomer is fantastic. Whaaa?? I’ve just learned my WIFE is a moon hoaxer!?! #
  • The only problem I see with twitter – I can’t respond to someone I’m following, but doesn’t follow me #
  • Oops, micro-napping at the keyboard again. Bed time, tweets off #

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