Tweets for 2007-04-01

  • @Scobleizer: I forgot … April fools day. Time to turn feeds and twitter off for the day then. 🙂 #
  • Getting ready to head off to Meet The Robinsons in 3D with the family. #
  • On the road to see Meet The Robinsons 3D #
  • ¡Scobleizer: I’m a red stop light for sure. I’ve gotten every one today! #
  • ¡Kilroy2§0: I comply. #
  • In the cinema & movie starts in 5 mins. Twitter off. #
  • Meet the Robinsons 3D is excellent! Fun for all ages, specially geeky boys … And their dads. #
  • ¡Scobleizer: that also applies for those who we have friended but who haven’t friended back #
  • Preparing dinner for Mrs Froosh and I – no son tonight, he’s with his great-grandmother. w00t – two nights off! 🙂 #
  • Setting up Ubuntu Edgy Eft on my aged Toshiba Sat Pro 4320 … it’s older than my son! #
  • Letting the Ubuntu install run overnight while I sleep. It could be quite some time… G’Night #
  • Morning Tweets. Sad news to wake to. Joe lives on through us and our memories of him. #
  • ¡fulltimecasual: Testify! #

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