Tweets for 2007-04-02

  • Anyone in the FPM crowd, direct twitter or e-mail me if you need anything. I can’t donate cash at present, but time I can create. #
  • dugg #
  • Listening to Wingin It ep 103 – Mur is still my master 🙂 #
  • I am so over today. And theres still 2 hours to go. #
  • @StevenHodson – It almost works already. It detects the proxy, but doesn’t use seamless authentication like IE (or Firefox) does. #
  • @StevenHodson: No problems, take your time! #
  • Nearing home on the bus finally. I need a drink. #
  • @PodCulture: Sucks to be a male migraine sufferer eh Brad? #
  • G’day Tweeters. I’m ready for a new day that doesn’t suck. #
  • Snoozing on train to work. #
  • My train ticket expires on … 1st of May! #

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