Tweets for 2007-04-03

  • @Kilroy2_0 I Comply. #
  • Eugh. Too much work to twitter effectively. #
  • Here’s a tip: don’t listen to the Joe Murphy memorial on the train. #
  • Out to dinner with the wife – and she’s paying. Did I mention how much I love her? #
  • w00h00! Getting started on a special project! #
  • @PodCulture: Ahh yes, the question that has plagued man through the ages 😀 #
  • Listening to ABC Radio National “Philosopher’s Zone” for 2007-03-31 #
  • While coding in Python … I /may/ break my brain. #
  • @cc_chapman: Really?! Hmm, have to see this! 😀 #
  • Well! I never! 😀 (not that I don’t trust you C.C. – I’ve just never tried it) #
  • Bed time for Frooshes. G’night! #
  • Morning tweeters. No work for me today – sick. If I’m lucky I’ll get to sit still enough to play some xbox or write some code. #

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