Tweets for 2007-04-12

  • @StevenHodson: Is there a significant difference between TinyURL, SnipURL, URLTea, RURL, etc or just familiarity? #
  • @StevenHodson: SnipURL allows you to choose what the shortform linkname is – but it has to be unique. The URLTea variant looks friendlier.. #
  • @evo_terra: Flatterer 😀 No camera with me right now, but hows this? #
  • Ahh yes, lunch time! #
  • Leaving work (almost) on time for a change. #
  • Sitting at pizza shop waiting for dinner to take home… Yum! #
  • Oh yeah. Happiness is a chilli pizza. Now if only I had me some IPA to go with it… #
  • Updating various public profiles e.g. LinkedIn #
  • Ok, laundry time. Then some dish-washing, and hopefully some Viva Pinata before sleepy-bo-bos. #

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