Tweets for 2007-04-13

  • Friday, payday, 13th … alas, no birthdays so no birthday cakes at work today… Needs snacks. #
  • mushROOM mushROOM 😀 #
  • @christianaellis: So, what goes with “busy, busy, busy” – snackTIME snackTIME? #
  • @christianaellis: Oh yeah .. giggidy. Friday here in Aus, nothing stressful going on, just waiting for lunchtime. #
  • Hmm, twitter ate my lunch time update. I bought a Lego Mindstorms NXT! w00t! Now I just need the Bluetooth adapter for my PC. #
  • ff #
  • Heh. Thats what happens when you mistype “Off” in an IM session to Twitter #
  • Setting up my shiny noo Mindstorms NXT for the 1st time. Froosh Jr is going to go nuts when he sees this! #
  • ‘Cept my laptop’s CD/DVD drive is playing “hammer-bait” and refusing to work properly… #
  • Watching Lost In Translation. Love that movie. #
  • #
  • Alrighty, NXT paired via Bluetooth. Now building first “Tribot” #
  • @PodCulture: Bring it on I say, bring it on. 😛 #
  • MmmMmm, midnight snacks while build LEGO robots. #
  • LEGO robotics all ready to play with Froosh Jr. in the morning. Sleep now, night tweeps. #
  • On the train for another day in the box. I need to get out of this rut. #

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