Tweets for 2007-04-19

  • In a good user conference about Marshal software. #
  • Leann: that would be great. Instant listener here. #
  • Leann: too punny? Sleepless in podcast #
  • Bpende: I dont know really. I just stumble across them, but I’m sure there is such a group somewhere… #
  • Awesome Marshal Software user forum. More geeks in one room than I’ve seen for ages! Going home early ‘cos it’s almost home time anyway. #
  • @CHigh: Yeah, we call ’em users. 🙂 #
  • Ahh, home. And I’ve beaten the family home so I have it all to myself! 😀 #
  • Just read The Enormous Crocodile to young’un for bed time. Roald Dahl was one twisted guy. Good fun though. #
  • Setting up an OpenSER SIP/SIMPLE server for the 1st time #
  • OpenSER installed and removed. I’m sticking with Jabber. And now its bed time. #
  • Not meant to get to this mornings vendor presentation – slept in, then trains not running properly. #
  • @LeslieNassar: What is your mobile device of choice? #

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