Tweets for 2007-05-07

  • @leslienassar: Quicker than tweetbar, better usage of realestate. Adblock makes a mess of the ad though #
  • @leslienassar: Is it just me or are the @abcrn tweets running an hour late? #
  • @bbluesman: Twiiter Zen? #
  • @bbluesman: Maybe more like Twitter Koan perhaps… #
  • Time to knuckle down and deliver on promises made to others and myself. I waste too much time on the couch (with laptop) instead of in study #
  • Wow. Now this is marketing for your company! #
  • Migrating from couch to study. Even with TV/iPod/etc off. Concentrating in the couch just isnt working like it used to. #
  • Delving into open source Flash development tools: Eclipse, MTASC, ASDT, Flashout #
  • Ok, so it’s after 3am. I think I should get some sleep *before* going to work… #
  • No, seriously, I’m going to bed now! 🙂 #

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