Tweets for 2007-05-10

  • @frankarr: So, good news and frustration. And more waiting… Good luck. #
  • Mmm, tattoos. Dont have one … yet. Mrs Froosh has one (Pepe Le Pew). I don’t *need* one enough to make it permanent. #
  • Setting up a FreeRADIUS server and proxy #
  • @fulltimecasual: Have a read of the transcript “Nothing is the new something” #
  • “This American doughnut that has squidged its way around the world looks like something, but in fact, it is nothing” #
  • w00t! FreeRADIUS configured, proxying and doing local auth. Just need to fiddle the post-proxy atrribute munging tomorrow. #
  • I much prefer Melbourne city at night during cooler weather. #
  • Listening to Wingin It I slept through on SUnday morning… #
  • re: Wingin It – It’s been hinted about on the show before… #
  • huh? What’s with the bee/bonnet/birdhouse thing? #
  • Ahh, I see. TMBG. Awesome. #
  • @trillian1117: Why yes it is. Just the best skunk in the world! 🙂 #
  • Bed time! I think I need to start listening to podcasts in my sleep to catch up. But how would such subliminal input affect me? #
  • @FPM_Michael: Oww, nasty! How on earth did you do that? #

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