Tweets for 2007-05-11

  • Allrighty! Aussies can Tweet via the UK SMS number! w00t! #
  • ‘Cept that I’m still not actually receiving the tweets via SMS. Back to IM … #
  • Cute kitten videos make a stressful day better. Thanks @Leann #
  • @leslienassar: For sure. 1st thought was “Why can’t our workplace be like that?” and 2nd “I want to work *THERE*!” #
  • Setting up my TwitterVision work location macro L:work=Bourke St, Melbourne #
  • RADIUS Proxy Attribute munging issue has been sorted. Going L:home=3083, Melbourne #
  • Ok, so the postcode bit doesn’t work, trying l:home=Mill Park, Melbourne: #
  • Nope, one last try l:home=Mill Park, Victoria, Australia: #
  • Yay, much better! Going l:home: fo rill now #
  • Gah. Still borkened. Bug’rit. #
  • I’d like to call out the driver of TrainLink bus #192 as an idiot. Speeding through ao unsafe 40 zone is *not* cool. #
  • Snoozy time. Busy day with kiddo tomorrow. #
  • 2 hour sleep in. Foggy morning. I love Melbourne. Off to take kiddo to his roller skating practice/lesson. #

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