Tweets for 2007-05-12

  • Sigler does *not* want to make the Bitches angry 🙂 Hmm, Junkies v Bitches smackdown? #
  • Oh sod it. I just over-wrote the python script I was writing 🙁 #
  • @cmdln: Hehe. Err, no. I figgered I’d work on it a little more, then commit it. Froosh == Fricking Stoopid #
  • Off to kiddo’s ballet rehearsal. Yes, with kiddo. #
  • @NickHodge: One who rants about obscure things? #
  • I’m realising I don’t know enough about exception handling int Python. I particular the default except clause. #
  • Ok, sorted my exceptions issue. Now unicode is causing me grief. My code is unicode friendly, but the package I’m calling doesn’t seem to be #
  • Watching Secret Window with Mrs Froosh #
  • Wow. Secret Window was dull. 2/5 #
  • haHA! Take *that* unicode! #
  • Out to mothers day breakfast with kiddo and Mrs Froosh #
  • Wow! Sms actually working in oz again! #

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