Tweets for 2007-05-14

  • @leslienassar: I’m a fan, but not a user, of the Fujitsu tablets #
  • @Swoopy: Gingerbread men. A tasty snack, and they look a bit like clowns so you can turn the tables on them 🙂 #
  • Hmm, haven’t downloaded podcasts for 4 days. Now I have 20 new episodes. I think I may have overcomitted my listening time. #
  • I’ve been suckered into helping at Joey Scouts… #
  • pong #
  • Okidoki, 7th Son, and Geek Fu shirts purchased from Geeklabel. Now is the time that we wait. #
  • @bpende: Escape Pod’s Steve Eley (@SFEley) has one. #
  • It’s 1am – do I know where my bed is? Gnight/morning tweeters. #
  • Ironing pants that were never meant to be washed at home is a real pain. Dryclean-only says the tag! #
  • Going into a phone meeting with our US-based IT guy. Why do we only hear from him when stuff is broken? #
  • Bah, US IT guy is a waste of space. Only 30 people/PCs to look after and he gets absolutely nothing done month-to-month. #

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