Tweets for 2007-05-15

  • Nah, that’s probably too harsh – I have no idea what bizarre stuff the US managers ask him to do. I know he has to manage their home network #
  • @bpende: Time away from twitter?! Dont be obscene! 😉 I’m just frustrated that nothing is getting done, and it reflects badly on me. #
  • @bbluesman: Nah, Hollywood (Well, Burbank) #
  • Going to get the free flu shot provided by the company. It may not help, it may not cause side-effects. #
  • Think of it as a large-scale, open trial. 🙂 #
  • Creating new SSL certs for a new Citrix gateway. #
  • @dcolanduno: We see you Derek! u r not alone. #
  • On the train home through the rain. Rain. Rain? Rain! #
  • Ok, so rain = not so much… #
  • Cheyenne Wright, Pseudopod #37. Fantastic delivery! Encore! Encore! #

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