Tweets for 2007-05-16

  • How on earth am I supposed to create fresh Server 2003 R2 SP2 installations? Install 2003 SP1, Install R2 components then Install SP2 seems #
  • Trying to explain to Verisign bozos that spoofing my email address is guaranteed to get it eaten by SPF filters #
  • And so I will never see the expiry notices for SSL certs. Paraphrasing Verisign’s response: SPF? Spoofing? Huh? #
  • @CHigh: Eww, bet it doesn’t give much in the way of logging… What evil flavour do you have? #
  • Doh. The Life Aquatic dvd not playing properly. Returning to Quickflix for a replacement. #
  • Off to sleepy bo-bo’s now. iPod filling while I sleep (I only have 2 days back log now!) #

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1 Response to Tweets for 2007-05-16

  1. howdy

    i hope we sorted out the DVD replacement for you. we know its a pain when they don’t play properly– thankfully its a low incidence especially with our special packaging & cleaning regime. Pls let me know if all is ok.

    CEO Quickflix

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