Tweets for 2007-06-04

  • Between JCHutchins and Leann, my mind has never blown so much 🙂 #
  • @iBgerd: What’s to miss? He’s still here and Evo, just not on SoSF and WI anymore. #
  • @HoboZero: Thats way more Geo Hrab than I needed to see! #
  • Is is wrong that I recognise more people from the Balticon pics than I do from real life? #
  • Kiddo is feeling much better after a days rest. Taking him out for MiniGolf with the Joey Scout mob. #
  • Home, boy is in bed, wife’s out for a little while. Finally, time for Gears of War! Right after Family Guy smackdown episode… #
  • @cc_chapman: Well, any IMAP4 or POP3 client will do the trick for e-mail, but calendars are tricksy… #
  • @bbluesman: Nothing in my Skype? #
  • Just for the record, I think being more concerned about economic booms is pointless if its going to cause the environment to *go* boom. #

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