Tweets for 2007-06-12

  • @CmdLn: Crunchy and good with ketchup? #
  • @MightyMur: Whoa! (Keanu-style) #
  • @jjprojects: Much as I love the thought of *any* 3G/NextG phone, we have to pay stupid prices for traffic. It’s just not worth it. #
  • Why is it that I can only remember someone’s name or someone’s face, but rarely both? #
  • I sure hope tonight is more productive, that the day be not wasted. #
  • @FrankArr: Ahh, it’s not just my fate… #
  • @FrankArr: I place the blame for the Geneva Convention (4th convention seems suitable) violation on the TV networks’ administrations. #
  • Listening to Leann and JC Hutchins – two heroes doing what they love. Oh yeah, and Clair. #

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