Tweets for 2007-06-19

  • Signing up for Skype Pro AUS – $38/year with $12.50 SkpyeOut, and 6.8 cents untimed national calls. Easy sell. #
  • haHA! Prest-O-Change-O and the whole company has a different proxy server! #
  • Backlogged ABC RN podcasts inform my trip home tonight. Their science shows are fantastic. #
  • @LeslieNassar: Thank you Mr Podcast 🙂 #
  • I need new headphones. Canal/inner ear for noise separation, under $100, for podcast listening. Anyone have any recommendations? #
  • @Bytebot: The Wikipedia entry is making me drool, so if it’s half as good as that, I need some! #
  • Facebook. It’s time I got with it. #

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