Tweets for 2007-06-27

  • Hmm, filling in TechEd form … need to list what I’m passionate about. Yes, but which one? #
  • ……… still waiting for the Purchase Order # to put in my TechEd registration ……… It’s end of financial year and SAP budgets close #
  • Excellent. Great to see Dean and Rob again. I miss the curiosity show – wish my son could watch it. #
  • Pondering how to get channel Nine to release the Curiosity Show on DVD… #
  • Hmm, not quite Curiosity Show, but you could synthesize one from
  • So, evidently the SE ‘burbs of Melbourne are the hot locations for Systems Engineers these days. Too bad I live in the North… #
  • Today was not wasted: Went to parent-teacher interview with kiddo’s teacher. Summary: he is awesome, watch out world! #
  • Still haven’t registered for TechEd though – CIO’s “Executive Assistant” wouldn’t authorise Amex usage – even though the CIO already had! #
  • Off to sleepy-bo-bo’s in my jim-jams to dream of geekery unfettered by administrivia #

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