Tweets for 2007-07-02

  • Ok, I’m up for Pownce if anyone has a spare invite. #
  • @CathyE Thanks! I presumed I’d missed out. hunting it down now… #
  • Aha! Pownce is not playing nice with TLS-enabled e-mail systems (could be my unsigned cert though) #
  • Disabled TLS on my e-mail server – now just awaiting Pownce to retry #
  • Thanks to @CathyE I’m now Powncing at #
  • Should probably get back to work and fix my e-mail server later #
  • @Mossyblog: Pownce is definitely not playing nice with TLS enabled mail servers #
  • Staked my interest for a Melbourne-based PodCamp #
  • Dang it. Stoopid Adobe Integrated Runtime doesn’t work with authenticated proxies, or perhaps proxy auto detect… 🙁 #
  • So strange leaving work late on a Monday … No Joey Scouts during school holidays. #
  • @rosiex: ‘soons I get home, no problems #
  • @RosieX: Im in ur GG inbox leavin ur Pownce invite #
  • Using the “Free” wifi at the hairdressers while Mrs Froosh gets her hair blacked. #
  • Running up Google Gears to download feeds and run offline #
  • @WillHughes: install of gears was painless. Download & go offline was very easy. Only problem seems to be images + enclosures #
  • @WillHughes: no worse than thunderbird in that sense. #
  • @cunningminx: *loved* the jealousy episode. My wife & I are mono (not that there’s anything wrong with that ;)) but this is still so relevan #
  • Doing midnight upgrades to Virtual Servers #
  • Okidoki. Upgrades completed. Time to sleep a little before early rising to get to the Checkpoint User Forum #
  • On train, being accosted by a drunk… *This* is why people avoid PT. #
  • At the Checkpoint User Group, Evan Afentoulis presenting. #

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