Tweets for 2007-07-03

  • Back in the office. It’s a fantastic morning for walking through Melbourne! #
  • Heh. Installed Ubuntu lookalike theme stuff to my corporate XP machine… Likely to get me in strife. #
  • @wolfmank: I would so love to, but that’s a career-changing decision 🙂 #
  • (that is, they would find a way to fire me…!) #
  • I’m off to subvert the system for the 7S MOP via drop-lifting… #
  • Done wtih 7SMOP #
  • @benbarren: How about operating from the northern suburbs? 🙂 I know a good engineer that lives out that way… #
  • This morning’s train non-news: Connex is incompetent. That is all. #
  • Robin, the 7:52 am Epping train to Flinders Street has been cancelled. Connex, Keeping you updated. #
  • Got that message at 8:28 … Now how does that help anyone? #

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