Tweets for 2007-07-04

  • Creating a custom “Best of Windows Support/Resource Tools” MSI for all our support staff. What are your top 5 best Support/Resource tools? #
  • And after @RexyInc ‘s excellent summary – I have 4 Pownce invites for people who want them. #
  • We’ve just been given the 6 months eviction notice for our office (it was sold a few months ago). Now we get to move our datacentre… #
  • @mightymur: If you find no actual expert, I’m in the lesser category of “hack it till it works” #
  • @jchutchins: I’m disappointed – I thought you *were* a supergeek, but they say not-so… 🙁 #
  • @jchutchins: But I’m still a believer 😀 #
  • I need to know: should I be wanting a Nokia N95 or some kind of WIndows Mobile 6 device? #
  • I love the camera and GPS of the N95, but Mobile 6 works sooo much better with Exchange servers #
  • @andrewpascoe: testify! (Although, I am leaving earlier today to participate in a market research panel) #
  • Going mobile. Heading for St Kilda Rd and trams. This might not be fun at peak hour… #
  • Hitting the Release All link for my 7th Son subscription on – so much listening, so little time! #
  • @mspecht: I’ve already registered for Podcamp, otherwise I would… #
  • @mspecht: I have emailed the only Melb podcaster I know tho #
  • @mspecht: Heh, last hotel I was at 30Meg was excessive… #

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