Tweets for 2007-07-11

  • I get *sooo* frustrated by software that does not play nice-nice with proxy servers and/or authenticated proxy servers. #
  • @WillHughes: I’m more referring to web-enabled software that doesn’t even recognise proxies as an option. #
  • @WillHughes: e.g. Adobe AIR (aka Apollo) can’t configure proxies, and doesn’t work at all with authenticated proxies #
  • @WillHughes: It does at least work with the WPAD/PAC mechanism #
  • @WillHughes: Yes! Exactly. @StevenHodson ‘s TwitBox doesn’t work because of the same issue… Even MS do it wrong #
  • For a while it looked like the only accomodation left for TechEd was at Palazzo Versace… no such luck! #
  • So, Holiday Inn it is for me. #
  • I am *done* ! Time to go mobile. #
  • Watching Torchwood from DVR #

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