Tweets for 2009-01-14

  • @stilgherrian OMGWTFBBQ! Thats just WRONG! in reply to stilgherrian #
  • @einspruch Eclipse, and Python in reply to einspruch #
  • Here we go … 1st hot day in a while and trains are starting to fail… or maybe it’s unrelated… #
  • @Warlach OMG! He’s so much like Maxwell Smart! in reply to Warlach #
  • @einspruch Eclipse is free (both kinds) and awesome, once you know eclipse, you can develop in nearly any language with the same tool. in reply to einspruch #
  • @einspruch Python is very much the BASIC of our time, but in a good way! 😀 Easy to get started (no compilation) yet is very deep & powerful in reply to einspruch #
  • Uhoh, today seems to be a “long dark teatime of the soul” kind of day… #
  • @jjprojects nice, I’ll take 2 ev’s right now thanks 🙂 in reply to jjprojects #
  • Hmm, a few Hurstbridge line trains offline, but at least its not as bad as Sandringham line… Time to venture into the weather and trains. #
  • Dear international recruiters: SAP is one of the few things I *dont* do, so how/why do you keep sending me SAP offers/junk!? #

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