Tweets for 2009-01-20

  • Argh! Going loopy trying to find good reference doco for “ADsSid” object and DiscretionaryACL – MSDN fails to provide enough info 🙁 #
  • @nedwin Evernote ‘sort-of’ does this, but generally the unaugmented iPhone cam is not good enough… in reply to nedwin #
  • @andrewsayer Lol, but is that *really* when they posted it? Show me the GoogleCache/InternetArchive version 🙂 in reply to andrewsayer #
  • Awesomesauce! Steve Jackson Games tweets! 😀 @SJGames #
  • So sick of hunting MSDN for ephemeral (or perhaps non-existant) info. Why is it so hard to search MSDN and get sensible answers?! 🙁 #
  • Meh. * for dummies, * in a nutshell, idiots guide to *. Where is the ‘* for serious propellor-heads’ series? #
  • @HalloranElder agreed, but surely there should be sales/marketing support in the form of a series? How else will dummies become SPH’s? in reply to HalloranElder #
  • @SASilk hmm, O’Reilly way above dummies, but offer less than SPH-level material. Closest contender for sure though. in reply to SASilk #
  • @artywah summer, for a change. Won’t last long though 🙂 in reply to artywah #
  • @aDB go Cards! (no, I don’t know who won) in reply to aDB #
  • Hanging out in Jam Factory waiting for MrsFroosh so we can see a movie at Gold Class. #

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