Tweets for 2009-01-30

  • Thinking I need to get a head start on the hot, squishy commute home… #
  • Hmm, from Connex site: A/Cs “only designed to operate up to 35°C” wtf? srsly? What dufus selected that?! #
  • Connex just announced tomorrow trains would be free, no tickets required #
  • @melbournegirl not sure, was announced in several stations in reply to melbournegirl #
  • One small bonus (for me): the craigieburn line is running perfectly again #
  • Wind is so hot it’s cooking my eyeballs #
  • Holy crap! @TimMinchin tweets! w00t! (Thanks @Dianne_) in reply to Dianne_ #
  • Taking family to shopping centre for food, movie, and aircon 🙂 – #
  • Sitting in the lawn chairs out the front, with an extension cord for the iPhone and laptop. – #
  • @delic8genius my vbscript propellor whirrs, but not really into the compiled languages thing in reply to delic8genius #
  • @marclehmann HFW FTW! local/organic hero in my book in reply to marclehmann #
  • Have cancelled our 1st Cubs night of the year (tomorrow night) due to forecast temperatures. #
  • @candysnap that’s sad 🙁 we lost our two fish this morning too in reply to candysnap #
  • Welcome, new followers, strap yourselves in and feel the cheese 🙂 #

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