Tweets for 2009-01-31

  • @longzheng Wha? Average = 16kWh/day? egad, and I thought my peak of 12kWh was excessive! Used to average 6-8 kWh, trimming back to it again. #
  • @longzheng Nah, the average household comsumption figure of 16kWh/day … #
  • (sigh) seems gambling on the tram was FAIL. #59 to airport west sitting, going nowhere. No explanations. #
  • Tram finally moving. At least the aircon somewhat effective. #
  • Uhoh, tram keeps dying 🙁 along with it’s aircon. Getting melty, real quick #
  • And now we’ve been evicted into the heat and told to wait for the ‘tram right behind us’ … No such tram in sight 🙁 #
  • World of Kaos bistro, bowling, massive kids playground, plus live entertainment. Very odd. – Photo: #
  • @fulltimecasual all good at Mernda. Sitting on lawn chairs out the front to make the most of the cool breeze in reply to fulltimecasual #
  • @stilgherrian funny, I was looking at the moon+Venus, just as you tweeter that… Spooky action at a distance! in reply to stilgherrian #

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