Tweets for 2009-02-04

  • The end is nigh: best friend is pushing me into WoW … Probably bad for an obsessive personality type… #
  • @HalloranElder Umm, dont know … downloading WoW client now… then account creation (via his refer-a-friend :/) #
  • Curious. Trying to download the WoW client for Mac wanted to download 3.89GB and 4 days, but once registered a different installer is avail #
  • Only 20 mins now it claims… #
  • Ahh, now I see … Its an installer to download the installer that downloads the 2.7GB of game … 😐 And it’s slow. #
  • Hey @Internode @GamesOnNet is there a current WoW client on a local mirror? #
  • Hmm, I’m even getting obsessive about getting the client! (Considering a drive to pick up installer discs from @HalloranElder…) #
  • @georgierecruits I’m so sorry 🙁 I will do whatever penitent act you require to atone for referring him to you! (Unless it’s someone else..) #
  • @dotarray Yup, been there, most recent full client for Mac seems to be 1.9.4. Then the patches, which seems to be an incomplete/broken chain #
  • @dotarray That would be awesome! 😀 #
  • hwhat!? Got a SMS’d DM via a UK number? #
  • @internode Thanks, have looked and am trying some, but the Mac client appears to have a very old full install, and a broken patch stream #
  • @SASilk No such luck, going verra slow, got BT ports open on router. maxed at 30-40kB/s #
  • @atariboy It does search company name (at least 2.2.1 does…) #
  • @cameronreilly Scape was a Channel 10/Village Roadshow partnership … and yes, a *huge* waste of dosh and time. #
  • @cameronreilly Smart guy! 😀 #
  • @cameronreilly LOL! Hadn’t heard that one. I don’t think ABCs iView gets that even now… #
  • Hmm, bed time – I’m making less sense than I think I am #
  • @internode @dotarray The 1st patch missing in the mac chain is WoW-2.4.0-enUS-patch (927MB) #
  • @SASilk doing just that, but trying to help @Internode make their mirror useable 🙂 #
  • Looking at and for free SVN hosting for my various scripts. Was hosting on the Mac at home, but would want offsite #
  • @LisaMaree Awesome, so she now believes in the FSM *and* Ceiling Cat! 😀 #

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