Tweets for 2009-02-07

  • Hmm, unsung benefit of USB and Power-over-ethernet devices: The Test-and-Tag guys have less to do, less compliance concerns. #
  • @Clarko Just a matter of a little practice. the port is on the right-hand end and can be reached/located/plugged in all while seated. #
  • #lazyweb: What is the Goog (or other) search syntax for getting a list of common phrase completions: e.g. “I’m as happy as a *” ?? #
  • We’re locked in at Scienceworks, and the kids are loving it! Getting them to sleep is a trick though! 😀 – #
  • Disappointed with morning schedule at scienceworks – breakfast not until 8am, then kids must leave by 10am, so o… – #

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