Tweets for 2009-02-08

  • Keeping cool at Airport West, using free Maccas wireless. Reading books with Kiddo. – #
  • Hi tweeters, where is the most up to date vic fire news? Anything in/near mernda? #
  • Local servo reports Whittlesea being evacuated. 10 mins drive from here… #
  • On Ember watch. Evac bags prepped. house closed & spot-fire defenses ready. #
  • @andrewbarnett Thanks, working from that one, but the CFA alert is over an hour old #
  • Where was the BoM fire radar? #vicfires #
  • Hmm, wind change has come through, but now there is a fire to the sounth of us 🙁 #
  • Fire engine just rushed by. #
  • Lots of incoming road traffic … fire tourists? #
  • Crap. Fire south of us is very large and heading this way (somewhat). #vicfires Can see the flames from the corner of the street. #
  • Rain arriving NOW! w00t! #
  • @kcarruthers Yup, prepped for evac (if required), but mainly buttoned down and ready to fight embers or weather the fire front passing. #
  • MrsFroosh will be freaking out as the roads are closed and her mobile is out of service so cant call home. #
  • Ok, police just came by to prep for evac #
  • Phew MrsFroosh has been in touch to confirm she is heading to our primary evac location, and our fallback location should it be necessary #
  • @lelak Mernda/Doreen #
  • @jpoh Initially threatened by Whittlesea, now we have our own fire. #
  • Sme good news: I cant see the 10-20m high flame wall any more… #
  • 2nd good news: 2x Fire engines leaving slowly, with smiling firefighters #
  • And, 3rd, iPhone now charging properly now that it has cooled down. #
  • Still a lot of smoke coming from the fire to the south, but we’ve still only on “alert for evac”, not “evac now” – #
  • Things *appear* to be calming down around here. Smoke volume decreasing and flashing lights/sirens/etc not appar… – #

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