Tweets for 2009-02-10

  • Reading about the YubiKey One Time Password generator: Very cheap compared to RSA/Vasco/Verisign #
  • @garthk OpenID seems useful (and OpenID enable any site you manage). Looking at it for corporate-sized deployments instead of RSA SecurID #
  • I’m thinking I was better off not looking at the CFA Incidents site. 🙁 #
  • @NathanaelB Sadly it appears to be lack of preparedness. Both in site preparation/clearing, and planning for evac/hide/fight. #
  • @moldor On the weekend, fires were 1-2 km away, currently I believe mainly grass fires 3-4 km away. #
  • @garthk sometimes, but generally the rule is flee *early*, or hole up and ride it out. Then flee. #
  • @garthk Sadly, much of the existing knowledge is not being implemented. CFA have good publicity “have you done your fire plan?” [cont] #
  • @garthk But people seem to be of the opinion “but it wont happen to *me*” and dont do the prep 🙁 #
  • @duncanriley @mtub @mspecht Firday 13th MTUB candidate for re-purposing? #
  • @mspecht Perfect, thanks. #
  • RT [read it and DO it!] @uommedia: #bushfires UoM […] book “Bushfires… Protect Your Precious Possessions” #
  • Also, anyone still unaware (yes, even ‘suburban dwellers’) should be reading and creating fire plans. Read the CFA Guide: #

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