Tweets for 2009-02-17

  • I would do despicable things for a chunk of gianduja right now… #
  • So many kids smoking at Craigieburn station. Is there such a thing as a smoking-minors bust? There should be. #
  • @jodiem not certain, but it’s definitely illegal for any adult to provide cigs to a minor. I don’t get why it’s cool to poison yourself… in reply to jodiem #
  • @andrewbarnett I blame it on the lack of critical thinking education in our society. in reply to andrewbarnett #
  • @aeoth mate, no source control? 🙁 in reply to aeoth #
  • @tzortst err, not here it hasn’t. 1in3 maybe even 1in2 on the platform were smoking. Or did it used to be more? in reply to tzortst #
  • @aeoth 1st use some free svn provider (xp-dev.something). 2nd keep *everything* you write. Amazing the stuff I’ve used 5 years later. in reply to aeoth #

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