Tweets for 2009-02-19

  • @LisaMaree cheap showiness of nature worked for me 😀 in reply to LisaMaree #
  • Sooo sleepy. Must .. Not .. Fall .. Asleep .. During .. Vendor .. Presentation .. #
  • @LisaMaree excellent! I got married at the zoo: all my family was there. (badoom tish) srsly, was great though. in reply to LisaMaree #
  • Oh ffs, sometimes the default attitude here falls far short of the ‘can do’ attitude I expect from colleagues. #
  • Bewbs. That is all. #
  • Back at the Scout hall again. 2nd time this week, one more to go 🙂 – Photo: #
  • Hmph. Hello 4am, is there something you needed or can I go back to sleep for a bit? #
  • Silly Feedburner, dont send me en e-mail saying how urgent it was for me to move my feed until AFTER your make it possible 😐 #

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