Tweets for 2009-02-20

  • @aDB My morning mugged me at 4am, stole an hour or so of sleep, and ran off with my concentration. Good riddance, damned morning. in reply to aDB #
  • Good grief! I’m going to have to poke my eyes out to prevent getting myself in deep trouble as a dirty old letch. New Uni year starting… #
  • @daniinnc And the perfect weather isn’t helping! :/ in reply to daniinnc #
  • @Entregreeneur Try Blacktree’s Visor in reply to Entregreeneur #
  • RT [gold!] @paulkidd: An anagram of @stephenconroy is “Hey, Porno Scent!” #
  • @mpesce look out for my parents, currently ‘grey nomad’-ing in the area, along with about a bazillion others 😉 #
  • Vendor presentation has components called TIM and TAM … and now I’m hungry #
  • “best friend” has bought the boxed WoW set since my 10 day trial has expired…. insert drug pusher analogy here. #
  • @nrohtrawets Thats not much fun. $300 for DSi … I’ll pass then and keep using my DSLite in reply to nrohtrawets #
  • @wesabe lol, installing Firefox uploader … Firefox shows 4.0GB as the download size (even though only 400K was downloaded…) #
  • @andrewbarnett One more: Happy birthyday! 😀 in reply to andrewbarnett #

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