Tweets for 2009-02-26

  • @HollyAlexander1 @calbo Now I’m a big fan of peanut butter, and mix-n-matching it other foods, but Tuna? That’s got to be pregnancy food. 😉 in reply to HollyAlexander1 #
  • @HollyAlexander1 Satay Tuna … what an intriguing thought. But no. 😛 in reply to HollyAlexander1 #
  • @calbo Never heard of it. I’ll probably try it now, though I do like bread with my smoodged cheese in reply to calbo #
  • Ok, offline for some serious concentration. Shh. #
  • Whoa. Had half a litre of V. Goodbye concentration, hello hyperactivity!!! #
  • lawl, can’t focus on the Obama speech, will have to read transcript later. Off to run up and down the hallways now. maybe play in the lift #
  • Oh noes, a meeting! Buzzzzzing. Must! Sit! Still! #
  • @VenessaHunt The “Double Hit” new *huge* can of V was a mistake… need more practice before downing one of them again! in reply to VenessaHunt #
  • RT @NickHodge: #poltech Broadcasting live now! See it at #
  • #poltech Still somewhat bemused to hear oz pollies talking twitter/social media/etc #
  • @calbo Not food that I eat, but a co-worker who used to microwave tuna & corn – made the whole office smell like vomit… in reply to calbo #

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