Tweets for 2009-03-10

  • @aDB Just registered my 1st new domain with @NameCheap 🙂 Will xfer the rest as they expire… Happy clam. #
  • @DHughesy It shows the guests that you respect and honor them… Depending on how well you cleaned up… in reply to DHughesy #
  • “Real Men” are defined by their actions, not merely their words. In this, @StephenConroy is more real than the member of parliament… #
  • @decryption OpenID for wordpress, Google XML Sitemaps, WPtouch iPhone Theme, and Akismet in reply to decryption #
  • @decryption Oh, and WP-reCAPTCHA fits in there somewhere #
  • @acatinatree Oh, no no no, I meant the *other* other other @StephenConroy 😉 in reply to acatinatree #
  • @DHughesy The old line: With proper care an medication a cold will only last a week, without medication it may last up to 7 days! in reply to DHughesy #
  • @LucasS Not completely true – some lecturers unreasonably state that you must attend every lecture! The rudeness of them! 😀 in reply to LucasS #
  • @DrCris Dedication and effort. It takes many tries to get it right. in reply to DrCris #
  • @andycaster Ooh mate, you’ve got the WoW disease now too… Funny, they take paypal for the subscription but not for the license purchase. in reply to andycaster #
  • Allrighty, xmitting work –> home #
  • @acatinatree Resistance is futile. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. in reply to acatinatree #
  • Not news: Connex sucks more than usual on public holidays. If been on this train for 25 mins and we’re only just leaving Flinders st #
  • woo! @calbo on Good News Week! 😀 #
  • @monnie you watch Paul, I’ll watch Cal 🙂 in reply to monnie #
  • Somewhat disturbed by the graphic suicide depictions on channel 10. Sure it’s a creme egg, but it’s still suicide. #
  • @ozdj no, seriously, if some schmoe can be arrested for linking the circus kid video, how is it legal to depict suicide on prime time? in reply to ozdj #

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