Tweets for 2009-03-13

  • RT @NickHodge OMFG @cameronreilly if you haven’t yet seen the TED “Sixth Sense” video, STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND WATCH #
  • Cool, I’m eligible for the “It’s not cheating” promotion from Microsoft. Office for $75 and Vision for $70 #
  • I really hate it when I’m working from false information and make bad decisions based on that. Made an Ass of me, not sure about the U #
  • @moldor All good. The lack of heat and recent rains make for low fire risk. Very little likelihood of more this year (jinx!) in reply to moldor #
  • @adriennelucier Burgundy, as much as a Snuggie can be least creepy anyway. [shudder] in reply to adriennelucier #
  • @aeoth Yep, it looks like it should be easy, but it’s not. Got frustrated years ago that some C++ APIs do not work in C# 🙁 in reply to aeoth #
  • @codinghorror Lucky it’s your hand … in reply to codinghorror #
  • I know this week has not been wasted, but it feels like it right now. – #

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