Tweets for 2009-03-25

  • Obsessing over WoW when I should be paying attention in this meeting. Not good. I may have a problem. #
  • @Extremo doh! And there’s no water nearby to while away the hours fishing. “17lb catfish (held in off-hand)” in reply to Extremo #
  • @amoir oohhh, do want. Wondering if there is a cheesecake shop on the way home… in reply to amoir #
  • [sigh] Dramas in the Scout Group. Aren’t we all sensible adults here? #
  • Srsly Blizzard, another 6hr outage during prime Aussie WoW time? 🙁 #
  • Coincidentally, my 1st 30 days has expired. Do I care enough to buy more time, considering their disregard of my play time? #
  • @TheWych Ooh, bugger, umm, George? I think I have to re-listen to ep17 🙂 in reply to TheWych #
  • Subscibing to more World of Warcraft podcasts (already listening to BindOn Lets try The Grind #
  • @SASilk Sadly, I know, just frustrated – at least keep the Oceania servers running? But then other desperados would pile in… in reply to SASilk #
  • @sasilk Caelstrasz (or something) in reply to SASilk #
  • @songcarver There seems to be a lot of that recently. Theory: Companies looking for “redelivery fees”? Or just lazy useless drivers? in reply to songcarver #
  • @ceibner Yay! w00t! Pre-reg completed. Savings plan… more of a problem :/ in reply to ceibner #

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