Tweets for 2009-03-26

  • Calling all Spicks ‘n Specks fans! @timminchin will be on tonight’s episode FTW (via @awmitchell) #
  • @stilgherrian in that case, would you like to hear about the set of steak knives I include FREE with product? 😛 in reply to stilgherrian #
  • @adnrw That’s the best kind of feature, if only governments (or any non-electronic life) worked that way. in reply to adnrw #
  • @Lilylauren Gee, what a whining superstar you’ve become 😛 Hooked on the fame and adrenaline! … But today does seem unusually slow. in reply to Lilylauren #
  • Funny the hoo-rah about @LilyLauren and @AndrewSayer – this stuff is not that new (I met my wife of 10 years on IRC…) #
  • I am very happy for them though, and everyone else who finds happiness 🙂 #
  • @lukeii Just finished listening 🙂 Agreed, and it has been the theme for the Nova100 morning show this week, finding love, in reply to lukeii #
  • @decryption MacTalk “unplugged”? “Live n raw”? in reply to decryption #
  • Off to hunt the tofudabeast #
  • Cubs Seonee leaders meeting time. It’s kinda squeezy in here tonight! #

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