Tweets for 2009-04-03

  • Ok Nintendo, I get it, thanks! You have a shiny new DSi for sale. You dont need to tell me every day! #
  • @aDB The Open-Mesh look like excellent hackable kit – they’re on my “when I have spare cash (ha!)” must-buy-toys list in reply to aDB #
  • @bellabacchante Howdy, still got 2x tix for Adam Hills? MrsFroosh & I would love to in reply to bellabacchante #
  • Ok, excessive testing and diagnosis done. Fault ticket logged with @Internode about my crappy ADSL speed. Make me happy guys. #
  • I suspect my speed issues are Telstra DSL related, but Bigpond have hidden their status pages again. #
  • @BigPondTeam seriously folks, where is the Bigpond status page? Issues list, whatever. #
  • Stakeholders meeting. Mmmm steak… #
  • Speaking of which, this meeting is starting to smell a bit “meaty” #

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