Tweets for 2009-04-08

  • Dear – just because I live outside the Geelong area shouldn’t mean I can’t purchase and use a Myki in Geelong. FAIL #
  • Note: Do not buy a Dell Ispiron 1525 – CPU fan runs 100% non-stop – Dell’s response: Yes, isn’t it great, thats by design! #
  • @moldor Its a co-worker’s – and I have *strongly* recommended he return it, defective by design is still defective. in reply to moldor #
  • Oh hoo-freaking-ray. Telstra have arsed up capacity planning yet again – my local exchange has run out of bandwidth. Months till upgrade. #
  • Could be worse, I could be paying for 24M ADSL2+ and be capped at 3M … like all ADSL2+ connections on my Exchange now are… (I have 1.5M) #
  • @SASilk Are you suggesting they deliberately oversell capacity and only remediate once clients notice and complain? 😉 in reply to SASilk #
  • @bronwen Huh? You don’t already? in reply to bronwen #
  • @bronwen Love your work. in reply to bronwen #
  • @geelongaddy Simply that I cannot purchase a Myki card online if I dont list my address as Geelong. in reply to geelongaddy #
  • Considering knocking my @Internode ADSL speed down to 512k since thats all the Exchange can provide and save $30/month #
  • @notaphysicist It’s how you can tell you’re on the path to enlightenment … no one said it was *fun* though. in reply to notaphysicist #
  • Interesting and curious: World of Warcraft now listing separate restart times for Oceanic servers. Almost right, its in AEDT not AEST. #
  • @moldor No problems there, but the upstream is overcommitted and I only get 512k throughput on my 1.5M service… in reply to moldor #

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