Tweets for 2009-04-21

  • [sigh] dropped the laptop (IBM T60) when taking it out of the bag this morning, 10cm,1 pixel split in the LCD. Crap. #
  • One hour meeting in a room with twitchy lights. Feeling somewhat stabby now. Fude time. #
  • @joshsharp lol re: @TimMinchin nngire – notice a tinge in my mo today … think that counts? in reply to joshsharp #
  • My considered response to @APlusK @Oprah etc deniers/whingers: Life is change. Deal with it. #
  • @decryption Scandalous! Predicting the future! And I thought you typed them straight into my open TCP connection. 😛 in reply to decryption #
  • @BBluesman I see the “I was here 1st” people as digital geriatrics: “When I was a boy, we walked 15 miles through the snow just to …” etc in reply to BBluesman #

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