Tweets for 2009-04-22

  • @mrsnickhodge Yay! Happy emergence day anniversary celebrations! Is Mr Hodge slaving away appropriately? #
  • @WillHughes Susan #
  • only 8.5 hours till I see @Wil_Anderson live #micf #
  • @bobearth Hey, a baby, that’s even better! I was thinking some kind of bread product… Gratz! in reply to bobearth #
  • @adamnelson You were just doing that to distract them from the actual metal detector results 🙂 in reply to adamnelson #
  • I’m going to have a few hours spare in the city between work and @Wil_Anderson’s Wilosophy – miniMTUB anyone? #
  • @NickHodge Thats the role of Husband, especially on birthdays 🙂 in reply to NickHodge #
  • @Fifikins Bad news is, likely any other telco/isp will have to use (and deal with) Telstra … result: not much better 🙁 in reply to Fifikins #
  • @calbo Creepy and wrong I say #SnuggiesAreWeird in reply to calbo #
  • Wandering the city aimlessly, killing time until @Wil_Anderson’s show #
  • Camping on a street seat, waiting for @MrsFroosh #
  • @Wil_Anderson – no, it means you are better than them 🙂 #
  • Some of these people waiting to see @Wil_Anderson are quite wasted #
  • @Wil_Anderson it’s been suggested that it looks like you’ve ripped off Billy Connoly’s stool… #
  • Switching to radio silence since I’m right next to the soundboard – don’t want to be the one polluting the audio with mobile phone noise… #
  • @Wil_Anderson’s show was awesome social satire, plus he stuck some girl’s shoe down his daks #micf #
  • … And, err, “soiled” it. (@Wil_Anderson #micf) #
  • @ceibner You need an algebra interlock on the Send button #
  • Dear Connex. You suck. #

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