Tweets for 2009-04-27

  • Waiting to see Adam Hills, but where-oh-where can I get a coffee??? Nowhere. 🙁 – #
  • Srsly FAIL by all coffee shops around the Princess Theatre. The ones that are open … “Aren’t serving coffee today” #
  • Gah! That wasn’t coffee!! Eugh, worse than the old Maccas crap. #
  • @ozdj it’s about 12 degrees, wet, and several hundred people are looking for a hot drink. Not the squishies on offer. in reply to ozdj #
  • Ready to see Adam Hills “Inflatable”. Had to buy fantales to get the not-coffee taste out of my mouth. #
  • Adam Hills was 3 kinds of awesome, plus we got one of the balloons! #

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